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From Palace of the Republic to Humboldt Forum


On 17 December 2020, the "Humboldt Forum Im Berliner Schloss" opened online. In a first step, the courtyards were opened to the public on  Wednesday June 9. The forst exhibtions will open July 20. In September, [...]

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Urban nature – spontaneous vegetation in the city


Spontaneous vegetation in the city - the green traffic island at Molkenmarkt In the centre of Berlin, there are only rarely areas where urban nature can develop spontaneously. Occasionally, however, such areas can be discovered [...]

  • Humboldt Forum Berlin City Models berlininfo-guided tours - Foto: Christian Hajer

Berlin City Model Exhibition


The City model exhibition of Berlin Senate The city models of the Senate Administration for Urban Development and Housing provide a good overview about urban development, new projects and new architecture. The two large models [...]

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Climate policy -urban resilience and adaptation


Situation and future perspectives  Increasing warming of the climate for the northeast of Germany. More extreme dry seasons, heavy rainfall and storms with high wind peaks. Their resulting costs are increasingly burdening the households of [...]

  • Stattwerkstatt Berlin Karl-Liebknecht-Straße berlininfo-Führungen zu Stadtentwicklung und Architektur in Berlin

Stadtwerkstatt – Workshop for public participation


Stadtwerkstatt - public participation and urban commons The Stadtwerkstatt (linked page is only in german language) is an instrument of citizen participation for the historic city-centre of Berlin. Public workshops should promote citizen dialogue, participation [...]

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Mobility transition in Berlin


Reconnection and mobility transition -tasks after reunification After reunification, traffic planning in Berlin was determined by the merger of the urban infrastructure in the formerly divided city and the connection with the region. Between 1990 [...]