Berlin Palace hosting Humboldt Forum

The historic city centre is undergoing a profound process of transformation.

2020 has been set as the date for the opening of the Humboldt Forum inside the shell of reconstructed facades of Berlin Palace. It will be a partial opening and further building sections will be opened in several steps.

The building houses the Humboldt Forum and has been designed as an exhibition and event centre for the Federal Republic of Germany in terms of space programme and technical equipment. 500 million Euro will be provided by the Federal Government and 105 million Euro for the historic facades will be raised by donations. This makes the Humboldt Forum the federal government’s largest cultural investment project ever.

The design by the architect Franco Stella from Vicenza/Italy, who won the competition in 2007, will be realized. Together with two other offices and under the name “Franco Stella Humboldt-Forum Projektgemeinschaft”, planning began in 2009. Construction works started in 2012 with the laying of the foundation stone. The project will now be completed and commissioned in 2019.


Restoration of external facades, courtyard facades and dome

Three historic exterior facades, three baroque courtyard facades a

nd two courtyard portals of the Berlin Palace, which was blown up in 1950, are being restored.

The reconstruction of the exterior facades of the Berlin Palace was based on the work of the Berlin architectural office Stuhlemmer, and was carried out after research and evaluation of historical illustrations and models.

Südfassade Berliner Schloss/ Humboldt Forum nach Andreas Schlüter

Southern façade of Berlin Palace ( 1697, architect Andreas Schlüter)  after reconstruction


The Spandau Castle Building Hut was founded under the direction of the sculptor Berthold Just to restore the sculptures and reliefs of the façade decoration.


New formulation of the fourth façade by Franco Stella

The east façade of the castle is formed by a grid façade that follows the storey of the baroque façades and is clad with slabs of architectural concrete, the colour of which is based on the light sandstone of the reconstructed façades.


Fassade Humboldt Forum Berlin

Humboldt Forum Berlin, Eastern façade by architect Franco Stella, Vicenza



Civil engineering and shield tunnelling of the U-5 under the construction site

During the shell construction period, the construction of underground line 55 between Rotem Rathaus and Brandenburger Tor was interesting from an engineering point of view. Using a Herrenknecht shield tunnelling machine, 2 tunnel tubes were manufactured. The foundation slabs of the castle construction site were driven under diagonally at a distance of only 2.50 m. The tunnel was then driven through the tunnel with the help of a shield tunnelling machine from Herrenknecht.

Open space design

The exterior design and thus the design connection to the Museum Island as well as the integration into the surrounding urban space is the responsibility of the Senate Department for Urban Development and Housing and is carried out according to the plans of the BBZ Landscape Architects office. This work is scheduled to be completed by 2021.

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