Stadtwerkstatt – public participation and urban commons

The Stadtwerkstatt (linked page is only in german language) is an instrument of citizen participation for the historic city-centre of Berlin.
Public workshops should promote citizen dialogue, participation and municipal planning culture. At joint events with citizens, administration and local actors, recommendations  are developed, or proposals for future projects in areas of urban transformation to be implemented are made. Political decisions are nevertheless reserved for Berlin parliament.

The work is coordinated in a local pop-up office, where events on the individual topic areas also take place. The last meeting on 21 March 2019 comprised the most central area in Berlin, one can imagine: the open space situation between the television tower, the Berlin Town Hall, the Marienkirche and the Humboldt Forum. The aim is to prepare recommendations for the open space design competition to be held in 2020.

rathausforum berlin-1

Area around Neptun fountain in between television tower and Humboldt Forum


Same area seen from the church tower of St. Marien

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